Chandelier Takes One for the Team {Kitchen}

At one point I loved our kitchen chandelier.  It was one of my favorite deals that I found for our "new" house.  As my style has evolved a bit over the last few years I started finding a lot of replacement contenders.

I was coveting a wood and iron chandelier (similar to this) from the Lucketts Design House for months.  Then ultimately decided that I did not really want to spend $500 for something that I might want to change again in 5 years.  #Iknowmyself

So I decided to remove the shades from my chandelier and see if that helped.  The bell shaped shades are being evicted from all over my house.

I lived with it like that for a few weeks.  Still...no. I ultimately decided that it was just too busy with the ornate painting.  This is a problem I am finding throughout my house. Trying to de-clutter and de-decorate in a lot of areas.  So hard. #Ilikestuff

So out came the chalk paint. Again, no sanding or prep.  Just started laying it on there with 2 coats.  The kids were a bit surprised because although they had seen me attack furniture, never a light fixture.  I let it dry for a day and then experimented with a light coat of dark wax I had picked up on my second trip to Lucketts.  It gave it the right amount of dirt age.  Here's the final result.  

Happy to say that I love it and it really didn't cost me anything since I already had the paint as evidenced here.  I like that the color is carrying through to multiple rooms.

The dining room could really use a dose of this… Handy Hubby is going to be so mad. Do you spy any other changes in my family room?