A New Old Dresser for Alex

Some things look better in pictures than in real life.  Alex's dresser was not in great shape and had been a $50 Craigslist find before he was born five years ago (gulp!).  It was probably an unfinished piece of furniture that someone stained themselves.  Time to go.

Luck was on my side with this find.  My parents were cleaning out  my father's cousin's house last summer and asked me if I was looking for any furniture.  Uh… yeah!  Any dressers?  Yes - and perfect size!  The finish was shot so it would have to be refinished or painted.  I never miss a chance to paint a piece of furniture!

Not long after my parents dropped it off at my house, Jim was creating a new paint booth in his shop and preparing the sprayer…

 Forgot to take a before picture unfortunately but the finish color was similar to the piece that was already in Alex's room below.

And now his dresser looks like this -

I changed out the hardware with some new pieces I found at Home Depot. I wanted them to be a bit masculine and this seemed perfect.  We also replaced the original handle on the top with a knob (you can sort of see the original holes in the picture below but it's not nearly as clear in real life).  

I think it's a huge improvement and a piece that will be with him for a long time to come, although I have my doubts that the finish will survive.  It is already showing some concerning signs of wear and tear.  The color is Sherwin Williams Naval - same as in our powder room - but it looks much lighter in this room.

What do you think?