Nick & Jolaine's House: Divided light windows

I had to share some before and after pictures of my brother and sister-in-law's house in the Philadelphia suburbs.  Long story short, they bought this house in Ambler, Pennsylvania late last spring. This is their 3rd house in about 6 years and they have really moved up!  Their last two houses were very cute but this house is really a forever house...or at least a house for the next 3 years!  

Here's how it looked when they moved in early this summer...

And here's how it looked a few weeks ago.  

Thanks to some new window dividers, painting out the trim in a slightly contrasting color, and some major bush trimming, their house is really on its way out of the early '90s and into a classic.  (Although it looks different, they haven't painted the stucco... yet.  Just a different time of day).

They have a lot of plans for this house and I'll be sure to keep sharing (so long as they share with me!).