Kitchen: Color Pop Runner

I love my black and white kitchen.  It's so clean and classic and I hope it won't ever really go out of style. I've made conscious decisions to not do anything too trendy or out of sync with the style of our colonial home.  For example, after a lot of pondering we chose a white subway tile backsplash with light gray grout (more on that here).

At the same, time the black and white is really just a blank slate for any other color that strikes my fancy.  I'm in a blue and green kick which is carrying through the family room, living room, and the kitchen.  Other than my countertop compost container and some dishtowels, I had not found many good ways to bring these colors in without making major modifications.  At various points, I had thought about adding a carpet runner through the main walking area in the kitchen.  Although I had originally envisioned a black and white patterned runner, I came around to adding some bold graphic color in a graphic pattern here.

The rug came up on a daily deal sale on One Kings Lane for $49 (it's called Kau Outdoor Runner in green).  My mom happened to be here when I found it there and she agreed it would be a good choice.  It's an outdoor rug which means I can take it outside and hose it in the driveway when the need presents itself.  

So far, I love it.  It needs a non-slip pad under it but other than that, I don't have any complaints.  The added bonus is that it will help protect the hardwood.  Hardwood in the kitchen can be tough (especially hardwood finished on site).  Although I've chosen to be happy with a more rustic, naturally aged over time look, I want to give our floors every chance they can get!  It nicely covers the area in front of the sink where I previously had a 2x3 black and white rug.  

The nice part is that if I want something with different colors or tones in other seasons, it's a 1 minute costume change!  What do you think?  Did I make the right choice?  How have you added pops of color to your kitchen?