Family Room: Pillow Updates

It's the never ending parade of pillows on our family room sectional.  Part of the issue is that we really do need a lot of pillows on the sectional so we have pillows for lounging as a family which we do often on the weekends but rarely during the week thanks to my kids' 7:15 p.m. bedtime!  The latest is an oversized graphic floral. The colors could not be more perfect.

I walked by them 3 or 4 times before I decided to pick them up.  I wasn't sure I loved the pattern but I knew the colors were spot on.  I decided to take a chance (not a big one since they are returnable!), and I took them home.

They are large, down-filled pillows and I think they were about $17.  How could I go wrong?

I'm so glad I took the chance!  I love this area because it makes you want to grab a book and snuggle in.  The tray on the ottoman is really working well and my kids haven't broken my blue vase so I call that a win!  My next purchase is a new colorful throw.  I think it should probably be in a yellow/gold/cream pattern but I am waiting to see what comes along.

Have you taken a chance on a decor purchase lately?  Heck - this entire family room was created based on taking a chance.  Of course looking at this picture, I realize that pink floral painting has got to go.  Time to find a new home for that baby.  I've got some ideas...