Is that a hole in your kitchen ceiling?

Why yes, it is...

It all started rather innocently when we returned from brunch on Saturday morning.  Handy Hubby noticed a little bit of water on the floor.  

We covered the kitchen with drop cloths before Handy Hubby started digging into the ceiling to figure out the issue.  Handy Hubby wanted me to show you that a full size fitted sheet works as a great fridge drop cloth!

Handy Hubby got the drywall saw out and started taking out all of the water.

 An hour later, we were here...

Diagnosis is being made as I type this.  Fortunately our contractor who built our addition is here and diagnosing the issue with the plumber.  Making good on his unlimited guarantee!!  Thank goodness. 

Definitely seems shower related.  Unclear whether it's the pan or some other pipe issue.