Screen Porch: Construction Complete - Finally!

I am happy to say that the porch is finished.  We added about 40 square feet but it feels like we doubled the size.  It's aaaaaamazing.  I love it and I want to sit out there all the time.  It gives me a reason to walk through our living room!

As a reminder, here's the before (which doesn't look all that bad just smaller and not as bright)...

I attribute the better feeling to the ceiling most of all. Having a cathedral ceiling with loads of light pouring in through the open gable end and skylight seems to make the whole project worth it.  Although it wasn't the quickest project, I think the end result is worth it and Jim pulled it off in the end.  Of course, I'm already thinking about tiling the floor down the road but that will have to wait for Handy Hubby to recover from this event.

This also highlights the need to get some more screening landscaping between us and our neighbors.  We love our neighbors but not their air conditioners and trash cans!

Next up bringing the furniture back in and getting a new rug and dining table.  Mmmmm... shopping :)