Cowboy Birthday Party for Alex!

We hosted a birthday round-up for Alex last Sunday afternoon.  I love having "family" parties for toddlers with kids enjoying cupcakes while the parents enjoy a beer (and a cupcake!).

Although Alex originally wanted another car-themed birthday party, I was able to convince him of a cowboy theme. I wanted it because it's perfect for little boys and girls - lots of dress-up!  We had about 35 friends along for the ride.

Here's the birthday boy sporting his new t-shirt custom made by my friend Mari.  I love their stuff!

We set up a dress-up table just inside the gate where most people came in. The kids grabbed a hat, bandana, and...

a mustache!!

Here's Handy Hubby testing out a mustache...  

A quick shot of our backyard with our bean bag toss game out and ready for action.

For food, we served taquitos (from the frozen food department at BJs Warehouse - YUM!), watermelon, chips, 2 kinds of salsa, and cream cheese & pepper jelly dip.  Of course, we had cake and cupcakes too!  I bought cupcakes from the grocery store and put plastic sheriff badges on each from the dollar store.  The kids could take the badges home with them.

Handy Hubby made the cake and I decorated it.  I love how it came out.

So did Alex!

Even my blog-friend-turned-real-life-friend came with baby Maddox!

Happy 3rd Birthday Alex!!