Den: A little burst of yellow

Although I love the cool tones of the gray and teal in our den (office/guest room), I really enjoy yellow. Actually, yellow is my favorite color with blue as a close second.  Anyway, since I made the cornice board with the bold yellow fabric (more on that here), I am working on some other ways to bring in pops of yellow and fun to keep the room from getting too serious.  

While browsing Crate & Barrel for a housewarming gift for a friend, I stumbled upon the "last chance" rack of deeply discounted merchandise. I found this little vase which I had actually been eyeing at the full price.  It had a little chip at the top but since I knew I wanted to use it on the bookshelves in the den, I figured I could save the $4 and buy the slightly flawed version.

I made the chip slightly less noticeable with the help of a Sharpie.

It doesn't disappear, but it does disappear when you put it on a shelf with the chip to the back!

Sorry about the funky color!  I'll try to fix it later today.