Guest Bath: Framing a Bathroom Mirror

We did a little project in the midst of working on Alex's new room. The mirror in our basement guest bathroom has bugged me since we did it. Because of the sconces, my only choice was to do a standard plain mirror with cut-outs.

The plain mirror really did not fit the cottage/beach flavor we had going on in here. I had always planned to frame the mirror out but we only just got around to it 2 years later.

We got the trim molding from our neighbors, Meg and Jeff, who didn't have a place to store it so they gave it to us. I think they saw this as a challenge to see how we'll use it!  Anyway, this hand-me-down molding, made this a no cost project for us so I am very thankful to them! 

We did not have a good method of installing the molding other than glue since there was not enough wall to nail it to. We held up the molding and were disappointed that you could see the back of the wood which was unfinished. We quickly decided to spray paint the back of the molding which made the reflection less obvious when it was attached.  We put the construction adhesive on the outermost edge of the mirror so it would not be visible in the mirror. 

We then held the mirror in place for a minute or two, then used painters' tape to hold it for a day or two thereafter. Fortunately the molding was lightweight so it didn't take much to hold it in place.

A little wood filler and paint to match the trim, and voila!

It's now hard to remember what it looked like without the frame.  You can also see a little of my DIY art in this picture. I'll give a little how to in a future post, if I can find the pictures I took of the process!