Not Quite Free Backyard Makeover

I am happy to say that our backyard is pretty much finished. We have a few trees to plant in the spring but other than that, it really does look good. Here is what it looked like just before installing our swing set last winter.

Here's what it looks like today.

Obviously the major change is our neighbors' new garage. So clean and nice to look at. The added bonus is that it's larger than their previous garage so we get more privacy in our yard and through the first floor windows in the back of the house. 

The fence is a custom fence installed by a locally owned company, Expert Fence. Before installing the fence, Handy Hubby had to rip out old shrubbery on the right side and along the back of the garage. Then we had our landscapers come in and regrade the back corner of our lot so the soccer balls won't roll behind the garage after every kick! We also wanted to be sure the fence would slope down gradually without any big drops. They then finished off the project with some nice sod which was really the only option considering that it's already November.

Finally, we installed our sprinkler system a few weeks ago. It certainly comes in handy for keeping the new sod alive!

So, although not exactly a free makeover, at least we don't have a tumbling down garage to look at anymore, and it spurred us to clean up the back of our property line so it's clean and neat, as opposed to untamed and a bit scary!

We're also really excited to have a new gate in the back corner where we can slip through the back for fire pit parties at our neighbors behind!

Any landscaping projects left on your list?