Elizabeth's Bookcase: Take 2

The shout out fun continues here since I was just told that HOUSEography is the Blog of the Month on HouseBlogging.com. In addition to the Blog of the Month, HouseBlogging.com has a great listing of home decor and DIY blogs. Check it out here.

I'm really hoping there's no "take 3" on this one because our marriage might not survive it! After our big oops a couple of weeks ago (more on that here), Handy Hubby went at making the new bookshelf with a vengeance. It's close to done fortunately. Here's a picture from last weekend.

Next up - paint!

I realized last time that I never did a picture of the corner of her room where we plan to put this big piece of furniture. Her room does not have any big pieces of furniture other than her bed. Even her dresser is quite small in scale so the room could definitely use the bigger piece.

I love her room but this corner gives me the chills. It's so disorganized and out of control! Hopefully I'll be able to spend some time in here this weekend getting it reorganized.

Anyone else suffering with the daylight savings time rollback? I'm exhausted at 9:15 p.m.!