Master Bedroom Refresh

I've done some quick refresh changes in our master bedroom to try to change things up a little and make it a bit more modern. Here's how it was until recently

Then I made some quick changes and now it looks like this.

It's subtle but actually much more obvious when you're in the room. The mirror is about 30% bigger than the old mirror and really fills the tall wall more. I still need something a bit more but for now, it really helps. I scored the mirror for $30 at a yard sale over the summer. My main tip for yard sale shopping - find the husband/man of the house who may have been dragged into watching the sale while the wife/mom/girlfriend goes inside to find more stuff or drive someone to soccer practice. Offer him 20% less than the price on the tag and he will almost definitely take it, especially if the item is either big or old or both. It works. Try it. This mirror was marked $40 and I offered him $30 - "sure" {grabs my cash and waves good bye}.

The lamp is from HomeGoods (where else?).  The scale and height of the lamp matches the new mirror so much better. The other lamp seemed tiny next to the new mirror. This shade is so need with the swirl pattern which is only visible when the light is on.

If you look in the reflection of the first picture, you can see the television area which is nearing the top of our to do list.