Behind Door #1

Our little hallway between the kitchen and dining room which now sports the fun wall gallery, also had the feeling of being a hall of doors. It was only two doors but with the mirror, it seemed like 4. Not sure we can ever totally avoid that feeling but I was getting really tired of having people accidentally open the coat closet which is usually stuffed to the gills and hard to close (it's on my to do list!).

I have been looking for a little "WC" sign for a while but hadn't come up with anything at a good price. I finally stumbled on one in the Pottery Barn online clearance. Score! Better yet $4.99 and free shipping!

Here's the new house of doors but with a label to direct people to where they are supposed to go. I wish I had a little sign that says "private" on the other door. Just kidding. Kind of.

The funniest part was explaining to my five year old why they call a bathroom a water closet. She now refers to the powder room as the water closet which is pretty funny. If you're curious, check out this Wikipedia entry.