Powder Room Bling: Part 5...errrr... Maybe not.

The alternative title for this post is "Know when to say when."

Since we moved into the house post-renovation, I had planned to put a window treatment on the window in our powder room. The window is the first thing you see when you walk into the bathroom and it seemed like it needed something to dress it up. The shade is a cordless roman shade from JC Penney which just happen to fit absolutely perfectly. (Unfortunately, it's discontinued now or these shades would be all over my house - I love them!) After finishing the stencil on the ceiling and the crown molding, it seemed like the time to put something up. Even before I did the stencil, I found a great fabric that I loved and ordered a small-ish piece from an Etsy seller to make the curtain. I planned on a curtain similar to what I made for my laundry room.

So, I whipped up the valance one night while watching Project Runway (Is Joshua a nasty beeotch or what?).

Stapled it to the strip of wood (just like the laundry room), and then propped it up on the molding before calling Jim up to screw it to the wall.

Uh oh.  Might be a bit much with everything else going on in there. Truth be told, I slaved over that stenciled ceiling and I was not really interested in detracting from that work in any way. But, looking at this picture, the curtain doesn't look that bad. It would be hung a few inches closer to the crown molding, but I think I am going to skip it at least for now.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this one!!!  Keep in mind the whole room is 3 feet wide and 7 feet long!