Powder Room Bling: Part 4 - Bye Bye Boob Fan Light

I had to do something about the boob fan light in the powder room. After I blinged up the ceiling, I had to find another solution for the fan. Honestly, I really liked this fan 2 years ago when I bought it. It was so much better than 95% of the other reasonably priced bathroom fans. A bathroom fan is an absolute necessity in a powder room - especially in our family! I didn't want to just ditch it since it was not dirt cheap and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it.

There are definitely worse bathroom fans out there but this one just needed something else.

While at Target the other day, I had some inspiration when I was walking down the lamp aisle.
Incidentally, my 2 year old son says "That's cute!" when I pick something up to look at it. I told Handy Hubby about this development and he was less than happy!! I think I need to spend less time shopping with him and more time at parks!

So, I started testing some possible ways to connect make this simple shade my fan while keeping the functionality. So, I unscrewed the center medallion and removed the glass cover. I then placed the shade over the base upside down, so the opening for the finial goes through the stem where the medallion screws into. I screwed on the medallion to hold it in place.

Seemed simple but when I looked up... Uh oh.

Not pretty. And, let's be honest, this is one room where you might just look up directly at the light above you. Not going to work. I started to brainstorm how to cover the base of the shade with vellum or some other material.

Then I thought about just putting the glass back on. At first I thought it wouldn't fit under the shade but I quickly realized that it might. So, I grabbed it, and put it up...

Much better!

Here's the view from the hallway walking into the powder room.

Total cost - $14.99.  Now I'm thinking about other yucky boob lights that might need a similar makeover...

Have you made over a boob light or boob light fan?

Still not done yet...