Ignored Space Becomes a Hallway Gallery

There's a short hallway between our dining room and kitchen which I have basically ignored since our renovation in 2009. I have some grander plans for this space but I'm starting small right now until Handy Hubby finishes some other higher priority projects. It's a hallway we use daily on our way to the powder room, hall closet, front door, and dining room. So, it needed some personalization.

I had a pile of various pictures, paintings and other little things piling up in my dining room and basement guest room waiting for new homes somewhere in the house. Unfortunately the magic places weren't appearing, until I looked at this long empty wall.

Seemed like the perfect place for a gallery wall which would also help to de-emphasize the ugly air intake vent and the doorbell box. I had already painted the vent cover but it didn't help very much.

I admit I have a bit of an obsession with gallery walls. I have several pinned on Pinterest which gave me plenty of inspiration. I already have several gallery walls in my house and I love them. We have this one on our stairwell.

This time around though I wanted something a bit more eclectic and homey. Here's where I ended up.

Most definitely a work in progress but I wanted to explain my general plan or lack of plan. I basically, had a lot of stuff and I started by laying it down on the floor of the living room to get a general idea for how I thought it would look hung up. I included a mix of things that I have collected that we love and many of them have special meaning for us. Then I just started hanging each piece individually so the space between each is relatively tight and the frame sizes and types of hangings are mixed up and not all right next to each other. 

I still plan to add a couple more two-sided glass frames for masterpieces that the kids create. I also want to add a few favorite family photos which have been lying around the house either unframed or framed but put away to reduce clutter. Long term, I hope it reaches floor to ceiling and we change things out and add more things for as long as we live in this house.

Have you created a gallery wall in your house? If so, post your link below!