Customizing Store-Bought Curtains

Last week I posted about my updated master closet. I love the beautiful closet so many other bloggers have revealed but function was still my absolute number one priority so chandeliers and the like were out of the question. (We actually have somewhat fancy closet lights which give off wonderful natural light.) So, I had to turn to my window wall for some fun.

I started with some clearance curtains purchased at Target for $9.99 each. They were 84 inches long so not long enough for this window (I like my curtains to be hung super high.) I had originally bought these for the basement guest room but ultimately decided that I could not spare the inches of space that floor length curtains would take up so I scrapped that idea but held onto the curtains because I liked the fabric.

I started by measuring down about 20" on each curtain and cutting it straight across.

To lengthen the curtains, I decided to add a panel of extra fabric in the middle. I have been hoarding this fabric for probably 8 years. I found it on a remnant table for $3.95 per yard and I think there were almost 2 yards in the piece. To create more interest, I put the fabric in the middle instead of the bottom. I inserted the 15" or so of contrasting fabric, lining up the edges (I hemmed the edge of the insert to match the width of the curtain). Finally, I sewed it "inside out" to both pieces of each curtain, and then ironed all of the seams flat. Sorry, I neglected to take pictures of the whole process!!

It took about an hour and a half total to do both curtains. I am horrible about careful measuring and tend to just fly by the seat of my pants with this stuff. If it doesn't work out, oh well. And in this case, we're talking about a closet that only we see (and all 10 of my regular blog readers!), so I wasn't going to spend 3 evenings working on these drapes!

I seriously love the fabric that I used on both the curtains and the stool. I would love to use some on the

Curtain rod was another clearance find at HomeGoods - $8.99. The packaging had seen better days so it appeared that it was missing some pieces but they were all there. Phew! I was impatient so I hung it myself.  I hope Handy Hubby doesn't look too closely at the bad hanging job I did!!

The final result is really fun though. I still have some more ideas for what else I would like to do here but I am still deciding what's really worth the time and effort since it is our closet!