{Yet another} Couch Update

Yet another update on my family room couch. I recently purchased a slipcover for my sofa (more about that here).

My slipcover came with matching off-white denim throw pillow covers. Honestly, I hadn't even thought about that because I don't use the pillows that came with sofa so I never thought that I would get another set of covers with the slipcover. Total bonus. But totally plain and a little boring.

Our winter pillows are monogrammed chocolate velvet which are cozy and adorable.
So, I asked my favorite ladies at A Needle Pulling Thread and they hooked me up with some embroidery for $12 per pillow. Now they look like this...

I think they came out really well - lighthearted and fun for spring and summer. In the fall, I'll take the slipcover off again and put the velvet pillow covers back on. Fortunately, that's still several months, and lots of summer fun, away. I love having a transformable couch which I love with or without the slipcover!!

Have you had anything monogrammed lately?