House Tour Room-by-Room Link-up Party: Garage

Well, not the most exciting of the link-up parties but we are down to the garage. We have a nice little garage which is made to fit a car but which will probably never house a car since it's really a big shed. I would love to get the car in there on occasion just not sure it will ever happen!

We had to tear down our old garage as part of our renovation (basically, the addition could not be within 8 feet of the garage). It would have been too limiting to keep it so we took it down. We wanted a really cute garage which fit the style of our home and looked a bit more like a carriage house than a standard garage.

The brick around the foundation was actually the brick from the old garage which was original to the house. The foundation really helps tie it into the house which also has a brick foundation. We chose the carriage style doors but we really should get the extra hinge hardware. Add that to the list...

We are always reorganizing and we are planning yet another reorganization shortly. Just need to buy some bike hangers and I think we'll have what we need. Generally I love organization projects but this one is overwhelming and the weather hasn't really been cooperating.

Here it is on a good day.

Usually it looks much, much worse with many more bikes thrown around.

Here is my favorite view of our garage.

I'm not going to think about how many times we'll replace the glass in those windows over the years!

Let's see those garages - inside, outside, or both! I could really use some organization inspiration!! Please link back to my blog or use the button below in your post. Thanks!!

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