Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July with loads of celebrating - parades, BBQs, and flag waving!  In a bizarre twist of irony, our flag was literally RIPPED  off our house last night in a crazy thunderstorm. Yikes!  Hopefully Handy Hubby can come up with some sort of replacement today!

I'm looking forward to our big annual block party complete with kids' parade, BBQ, three-legged races, and a pie bake-off!

Here is my pie submission... S'mores Pie found via Pinterest.

I am NOT a baker so this was a slight stretch for me but it was super easy. Can't wait to dig into it!!

I made these for a pool party yesterday at my friend Anna's house. Big hit with adults and kids! Fun!

Also found via Pinterest using this chocolate covered strawberries recipe. If you make them, read the comments for tips. I didn't but probably should have. Next time I would only melt half of the chocolate at once.

What did you do this weekend? Make any goodies?