Yard Sale Finds

A few weeks ago my friend and neighbor, Amy, and I went on a yard sale expedition. There were a couple of big neighborhood sales going on which made it easy to hit about 25 sales in a few hours. We didn't find too many deals early on which is odd because I usually get tons of stuff in the first hour and then nothing after that. We saw a small dresser for $35 which needed work. We both passed it up but then both realized we could have used it in multiple places in each of our homes. I won't make that mistake again!

I ended up getting two great lamps. First this desk lamp which I paid $5 for but it works and even came with a CFL bulb so I think it was worth it!

Then I got a floor lamp at one of the last sales we went to. It doesn't work so it needs to be rewired but Handy Hubby can handle that. On the plus side it is very heavy brass and has great styling. It will likely end up in Alex's big boy room or our reclaimed home office.

I also found these two candle holders. The one of the left is from Crate and Barrel and came with some extra brand new tea lights. The one on the right is a bit of a mystery but I liked it. I'll probably use one or both on my porch. Well worth $1 each!

In addition to this stuff, I found a bunch of books for my kids. My son is obsessed with trucks and trains so it's hard to pass up anything in that genre right now! Both kids also enjoy Richard Scarry so I've been expanding our collection of his work. Amy scored a great mirror with tons of potential. Hopefully she'll blog about it soon!