Styling the Console Table

I keep telling  myself I am going to take a break from blogging now that it's summer, but that just doesn't seem to happen since I keep coming up with fun things to write about!  Over the past few weeks, I've been collecting things to style my console table in the living room. The table works perfectly in the space but I had put some random things on there but nothing really hit me as perfect.

For some reason, I don't seem to have a great before picture of where it was. This picture was from my friend Kim's shower back in March.

The chairs normally reside in the dining room but I like chairs in here so I am considering some other chairs in here. But I digress.

I had some great shopping luck at a random little store in Poolesville, Maryland after a strawberry picking adventure.  We stumbled on this store after strawberry picking with the kids on a gorgeous Saturday morning in May. We then decided to drive through Poolesville to see what was there. Although there was not much else, there were two great little consignment decor stores. Who knew?!  I didn't find anything at Finder's Keepers (although there was a lot of cute things), at the garden stop across the street which I think was called Stephanie's Secret Garden. Of course, the timing was less than idea - two hungry kids, one tired husband, and TWO GREAT STORES I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN BEFORE. Argh.

So, I had about 20.5 minutes and this is what I could decide on. The driftwood wreath was $30 but looks so much more expensive. It fills up the space without being overbearing. The small silver candy dish was $10. I love these dishes and have seen them in several stores but never went for one. I'm sure I could have found one cheaper on ebay but this was so cute I couldn't pass it up. Plus, this adds to my ever expanding blue collection.

Next I found a pair of great lights at.... HomeGoods! Where else really? They are not very thick or large, but fill the space nicely.

So, here's how it looks now...

The trunk underneath is also from HomeGoods a few months ago. I think it was less than $30 on clearance but I love the black patent sheen.

The next question is whether to keep this picture here, or move it to the family room and then put a mirror here. The reflection would be the fireplace which would be pretty but I do love this picture here. Decisions, decisions...

Discover any fun stores in your neighborhood? I love the consignment trend for home decor stores. Kind of makes up for how many people are stealing the good deals in my thrift stores! hah!