Fun camera accessories!

I purchased a few fun accessories for my camera in the past couple of weeks which I thought I would share. First, I bought a tripod. We had one at some point but I may have sold it in a yard sale. Tripods are really important for low light photography. I went for a really basic model because I figured I won't use it all the time.

Dynex Tripod
On a whim, I bought this fun wide angle lens which attaches to my kit lens like a filter. I bought it so I can take wider angle pictures of my rooms and yard. I think it works pretty well considering it was less than $10!!
Wide Angle Lens
It has a slight fish-eye effect which I think is fun. Here's a photo of our very messy kitchen taken using both the tripod and the new lens. It has a fun-house effect which I think is well worth $9.99!

I also ordered the remote for my camera which I think will come in handy for family self-portrait sessions. Unfortunately I used some reward zone points from Best Buy to buy it so it's on back order. Annoying. I'll let you know how it works when I get it. Best Buy was running a great special on accessories last week so I took advantage of that opportunity to use some expiring points.

Hubby also bought me a speedlite for my birthday. It took care of the annoying "busy" error that I get when I take a lot of indoor pictures with the internal flash. It's an annoying quirk in the Canon T1i which does not make me happy!! Problem solved.

Have you bought any new accessories for your DSLR recently? Tell me!