Bowling Birthday: Elizabeth is 5!

Sometimes it's hard to believe that Elizabeth is 5 now. Of course, I am in denial about my own age... 26. [joke!]

But, my first baby did turn 5 about a week ago, and last weekend we had a birthday party for her and twenty of her closest friends at the Fort Myer Bowling Center. (Side note for DC locals and visitors: if you want to bowl in a clean and family-friendly environment, this is your place.)  It was blast! But if chaos is no your thing, this is not the party for you...
One of the best things about this party was that I didn't have to do anything except bring a cake and favors. They supplied everything else! Here's her cake which I was really excited about.

I bought the cake at the grocery store (I am a horrible baker) and asked them to trim it in pink and white. I added a strip of chocolate frosting, the writing and the bowling pins ad ball. The kids loved it!

Each child took home a favor bag including a mini bowling set (same as what I used on the cake), mini M&Ms, Scooby snacks, and a bowling pencil and stickers. I made a little thank you label to seal the bag.

Here's the birthday girl once again modeling her new bowling t-shirt from A Needle Pulling Thread. They were so awesome because I only got the idea to make a special shirt for her only a few days before the party!
Look how cute she is? I love 5!

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