YHL House Crash: How it all came down

Yesterday was...well... a whirlwind! John and Sherry of the super blog Young House Love featured our house (and blog). I thought I would let you in on how it all came down...

Young House Love was one of the first blogs that I really followed regularly thanks to a recommendation from Carey during a visit to her store early last year. At that time, I had been writing a blog about our whole house renovation process and had really enjoyed it. But, I felt like the useful purpose of that blog was coming to an end and I wanted to go in a new direction. HOUSEography was born.

So, early last summer I had made a casual comment on YHL offering our house for a crash. We live in Arlington which is about 2 hours from where they live in Richmond, but I never really expected them to take me up on it. Low and behold, Sherry emailed me that night (!) and wanted to schedule a crash in the fall since Clara had just been born. Of course the fall was crazy and the holidays just come too quickly (they always do), so we decided to wait until the new year when everyone had more time to devote to it. We finally scheduled a date - February 11th (Jim's birthday!). I was giddy with excitement but told almost no one for fear of jinxing it!

So, on a gorgeous morning in February, John and Sherry stopped in with Clara and Burger in tow! They were incredibly friendly and fun to talk to, and downright adorable. Exactly what you would expect if you are a regular reader (and who isn't?!). We walked around the house for an hour and a half or so. Sherry and I talked (and talked, and talked, and talked) while John snapped I don't know how many pictures of our house. Speaking of which, I am AMAZED at how awesome our house looks in his pictures. He is really talented.

I knew it would be a month or two before they featured us because they had just done another house crash. Earlier this week, Sherry emailed me with some final follow-up questions. They know their readers so well because many of those questions were asked in the comments (both theirs and mine!).

Here are a few pics we snapped of each other just before they left. How cute is Clara?!

Thanks again to John and Sherry for a fun morning and for the crash. It was super exciting to finally meet my blogland heroes.

Today, I am thankful that despite over 26,000 visits yesterday, my blog did not crash!!!  Update: over 28,000 by midnight last night!

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