Now about those chairs...

Welcome Young House Love Readers! I am honored and thrilled to be featurd on John and Sherry's super blog this morning. I'm doing a Sherry-style happy dance over here.

[Breathe] Back to the main event...

After my new table score last weekend, I got a lot of comments about the chairs and what I should do with them. Truly, they are adorable and they have been fine for us over the past 12 years, but they are really rickety, squeaky, and beyond help. Handy hubby has already reglued them to no avail. They are also quite small so when particularly tall people sit in them, I wonder if they think they are children's chairs!

So they may need to go. If they were in good shape, I would just paint them and call it a day. But it's not that easy...

So I have started a chair search on Craigslist and elsewhere. I found a set of chairs on Craigslist for $100. I loved the style but they were just a little wide and the seats were a little low for the new table.
Fortunately they found a happy home with my friend Jen who also needed new dining room chairs!
Then I saw some chairs at World Market that I really liked.
World Market
The wood in this picture is not accurate. It has that awesome Restoration Hardware gray patina which goes with everything and will not chip or get nicked up. Love. It's quite comfy, but the $129 price tag is not...

But World Market is having a friends and family sale this weekend. 25% off everything... Happy Dance!!

So unless Craigslist yields something sooner. These puppies are coming home with me.

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