Pillow Talk - Take 2 (or 20?)

It seems like I have been working on finding pillows for our master bedroom for 18 months. Nothing was hitting me as the right combination. Finally I realized that I liked 2 of the pillows, but the other two... the colors worked but they just didn't. Everything else about that side of the bedroom was symetrical except the pillows so it wasn't working.
I have been looking for pillows for several weeks and just was not finding anything. I considered the chevron blue and white pillows which have taken over in blog land. I like them but they are everywhere (click here if you don't believe me). I was about to buy fabric and just make something but as a last ditch effort, I popped into Burlington Coat Factory. I have a love/hate relationship with this store. Every once in a while, they come through with exactly what I was looking for a really good price. 90% of the time I walk out of there with nothing but frustration. BUT, I was desperate and wanted to find something and I already have too many craft projects in the works to take on more pillow-making.

So, I found these muted plaid beauties...

They are so pretty and the colors are perfect. I also don't have to commit to blue or green with these. I kept the floral center pillow and the embroidered boudoir pillow, but added the other two. I love them.

And, I don't feel like I have to love them forever because they were $14.99... FOR THE PAIR!  Seriously, I saw them and barely looked back as I headed to the check-out. Of course there was a line and there were only two cashiers and one was doing a price check HERSELF!!!  ARGHHH. See?  Love-hate with this store.

You may notice one other change in the room. New lampshades on the bedside lamps. A great find at the Restoration Hardware Outlet - $12.99 each but I had a coupon for 50% off one item. Score! The other shades were really faded and everything else was a drum shade in the room.  I don't necessarily think that makes that much difference, but I like the cohesiveness in this room which I want to be calming and relaxing.

Stay tuned later today for an awesome pillow giveaway!!!