Paper Filing Upgrade

Unfortunately paper is a necessary and annoying hazard for most of us. I have cut back as much as possible but it's nearly impossible to eliminate the paper all together. Everything from coupons to tax receipts need to be on paper and you have to put them somewhere. I like to post frequently used pieces like school calendars, special notes, and a calendar inside our pantry organization center, but we still have lots and lots of other paper.

We use the dresser that the hubby overhauled as an office area in our family room. It houses our wireless printer, telephone and answering machine, and also seems to collect a lot of paper - school information, receipts, coupons, tax information, etc. I came up with this solution to keep things neat looking and to avoid the piles of paper.
I found the wire file holder at TJ Maxx a couple of months ago for $4. The adorable folders are from the Container Store, and I think they really add some interest instead of boring plain folders.
Now I can keep many of our papers in plain sight without feeling like we have to shove them in a drawer every time someone comes over. Having them neatly organized will also encouraged to recycle the outdated and expired papers and will also make paying bills all at once much easier.

Where do you store papers that you may need to access quickly?