We got our new chairs on Friday, but I wish I could say it was easy!
World Market

As intended, I took advantage of the World Market friends and family sale over the weekend. I decided to get there on Friday morning soon after they opened so I could have my pick of the furniture. I also lucked out because furniture was 10% off and the friends and family discount was an additional 25% off. Love it!

Although I expected to receive what was on the floor (or visible from the floor), but I was told they had some brand new ones in the stock room. Great! The stock guy loaded them into my minivan and away I went within 30 minutes of arriving at the store.

By mid-afternoon, I finally unwrapped the chairs. 'Lo and behold... 2 were broken. ARGHHHHHH!!! 

I had the DC Blogger Brunch at my house the next morning so I really wanted to have them ready for that. I ended up going back to the store at 8:15 on Friday night. The clerk told me that there weren't any available because the remaining four were "on hold" for another customer. ON HOLD?! Fortunately I had seen those hold labels earlier in the day and knew they expired LAST MONDAY. Huh?

Long story short, two unbroken chairs came home with me and...

Perfect. I love the color with the table - different enough so the difference looks intentional.

And here's the before in case you forgot...


And after a week with the new table, we love the extra space. Thanks to Charity for suggesting that we turn the table 45 degrees to make it look round. You were soooo right! We also gained extra space near the door on the left which is our primary backyard entrance and exit.

So despite an extra trip to World Market, all's well that ends well. Unfortunately, new chairs still won't make the kids who sit in them try new foods. Let me know if you have solutions for that!

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