DIY Fabric Basket Liner

Earlier this week, I shared a bunch of details about my friend Kim's baby shower. Today and tomorrow I'll do two tutorials on the projects I did to add to the shower decor. Today is the basket liner and tomorrow is the matching French memo board.  I may also share the wreath details this weekend or early next week.

At 10 p.m. on Friday night before the shower started in approximately 14 hours, I decided that I was not happy with the draped lining in the basket I had prepared for guests to put books in for the baby (which we asked people to bring in the invitation). So, I got familiar with this old lady again.

Although this is not my first sewing project, it has been about 5 years since I pulled out the old sewing machine. The last thing I sewed was a slipcover for the nursery chair in my daughter's room. She's about to turn 5!

But, I knew I was not going to be happy with the other options and the only thing that was going to get it done for me was a tailored basket liner. I used the same fabric that Kim chose for her nursery bedding - "Over the Moon" by Covington.  I was able to order two yards from Online Fabric Store, and it sure came in handy several times!

Here's a very quick tutorial with not too many pictures because I was pressed for time. The whole project took just over an hour but the results were great! It actually inspired me to use my sewing machine more so I have a few projects in mind.

I started by laying the fabric out on the table, and cut the 5 pieces - 4 sides and the bottom. I left about 2-3" around each side. I did not use a straight edge but just eye-balled it.

I started by sewing the sides to the bottom. I was careful to make sure the fabric was pointing in the same direction - upright all around the inside of the basket. Although I didn't snap any pics, everything was done with the liner inside out.
 After sewing both sides, I sewed the front and back to the bottom panel. Then the more difficult part of sewing up the sides to the front and back. I stuck the whole thing in the basket and roughly pinned as close as possible to the inside corner of the basket - just 2 pins on each of the four corners. Then I pulled it out, straightened the pins and added a few more on each corner. I sewed one side to the front and back first, then put it back in the basket and adjusted the pins on the other side. I then sewed one more side, and then measured in the basket one last time and made some final adjustments to ensure a tailored fit.

I then turned the liner right side out and stuck it in the basket. I first trimmed the extra on the outside - leaving about 5 inches around the entire thing.
Finally, I folded the extra underneath, making sure it was relatively even all around the basket. I put a few pins in to hold it while I pulled it off the basket and whipped it around the sewing machine.

Then 1 hour later, I had this!
I love this look and I hope they find lots of uses for this over the years!

As a reminder, here is how it looked in the book corner at the shower -
Any sewing projects on your agenda?