Can Lamps Procreate?

A short break from the baby shower talk, to discuss a hot topic in our house - Can lamps mate and create more lamps? Hubby is convinced that the lamps in our house are procreating. Every day it seems like another appears - or at least that's what he thinks. I have bought some new lamps lately but mostly I am just moving things around. At most of your suggestions, I moved one of the lamps from my bedroom dresser to the console table in the living room. Here's a picture from the baby shower where you can see the new set-up Just FYI, the chairs are from the dining room but I don't hate them here which got me thinking.
A few of the lamps are new from a recent Home Goods adventure. I was not planning on buying lamps but I had been looking for a great lamp for Jim's new dresser so I cruised through the lamp section.  First I found this great guy. 
It's reminiscent of a lamp that I thought about buying almost a year ago (more about that here), but this one is even better and I love the pleated shade on this one.  Bonus is that it's wood so that when the kids knock it off the table, it will survive. 

You may also have noticed that the glass table that was previously in the living room, is now in the family room. Here it was in the living room, but I felt there were too many round tables next to each other.
I decided to stick with the rectangular nesting tables in the living room, but I was so happy to have a great place for the little round table.
Do you have any procreating accessories in your house?