Living Room Re-Do Reveal (Sort of!)

Well, I'm finally ready to reveal our new living room furniture.  Here is where I started a few months back. 

The living room was basically unused except as a toy room and no one had much of a desire to hang out in there.  The furniture is a mishmash of stuff that we have had for a while.  Well, except for the red chair which was my grandfather's so we inherited that about a year ago.  I wanted to keep the rug but the rest had to go.  Fortunately I think I have space for everything in other rooms in the house at least in the short-term. 

First I got a new coffee table from Pottery Barn which I think set the stage for the rest of the room.  It's round - something I have always wanted.  It was $300 so not super cheap but I had some coupons and credits. 

Then I started thinking about the upholstered furniture.  I considered getting two loveseats and various combinations of couches, chairs and loveseats.  Finally, I decided I wanted a totally different look than what I already have in our family room ( a large loveseat and 2 chairs) because the rooms are interconnected.  So, I decided to try four chairs.  It was going to be an investment because I knew there was almost no chance that I would be able to find 4 chairs in good condition used.  And, I am always wary about used upholstered furniture because I have horrible allergies. 

So, I went to loads of furniture stores and sat in loads of chairs.  I have always loved English roll arm furniture so this was my opportunity to introduce this style into our house.  Good.  Style settled on but where to get it from.  I have always liked Rowe furniture and I know the quality is good.  I found the Caldwell chair and liked the look and it wasn't too large which is always an issue when buying new furniture in an old house!  I started pricing it out at stores around Northern Virginia.  Of course no one carried the Caldwell line on the floor so I couldn't sit in it!  I have no idea why because it's gorgeous!  I was prepared to buy it sight unseen... again.  I was really close to ordering from a store nearby when I decided to call a few stores in North Carolina to get a price.  All of them were cheaper but Town & Country Furniture came through with the best price and service.  I ended up saving more than 30% even with the shipping cost (less than $200 for an unlimited amount of furniture). 

Once the new stuff arrived, our living room looked like a furniture warehouse!  I thought I took some pictures of that stage but cannot find them!  The kids loved it though.

I also picked up the console table from my friend Amie.   It's absolutely perfect with the coffee table and will be part of our living room for many years to come.  Don't worry - I told Amie she could visit! 

So, now here are the "after" pictures. 

I'm still playing around with the side tables, throw pillows, grandmother clock, and the exact location of the console table and other smaller details, but overall, I love the change!

I'm really hoping this room will be a great place for games, reading, and enjoying the fireplace.