Built-in Bookshelves (Update 5)

Progress on our basement built-in bookshelves was a bit slow over the past week although we have been doing some things to move the process along.  I put a coat of primer on most of the bookcases and cabinets late last week.  Painting is generally my job in these things but I am not a great painter by any means!  We did one coat of primer on most of it so we'll have to finish that this week.  Then we'll sand the whole thing this week.  Finally, we'll add 2 coats of white paint which matches our trim.  I considered doing a color but I think I want to keep it white since the room is fairly small to begin with.    

Jim has also been working on putting in the face frames.  One hiccup was that our usual crown molding won't fit with the can lights so, we'll have to use something smaller.  I'm actually fine with that because I want the basement to have a more casual feeling - thus the bead board backing.

Jim still needs to finish the pull-out shelves and the cabinet doors.  Hopefully those will be done by the end of the weekend so it will be all painting from there on out!

Did you work on any projects over the weekend?  Planning any built-ins in your house?