Ding Dong... You're New Console Table is Calling!

Well, not really raining console tables, but the console table problem has basically solved itself and very inexpensively. My awesome friend Amie read my post yesterday about shopping for a console table, and guess what? She has one to sell!! And it's perfect - I've always admired it since it's next to their front door we see it every time we go there. They bought it at Crate and Barrel only a few years ago.

Here are some pictures she so kindly sent me.

Bottom shelf.  Check.  Drawers.  Check.  Clean, classic lines.  Check. 

She is only getting rid of it because it doesn't fit the space it's in. Fortunately I caught it before they listed it on Craigslist! It only took me six seconds to get back to her.

And she so kindly gave me the 30% off "friend discount" so only $100!  I'll pay her the extra in hand-me-down clothes for her little guy.

What are friends for if they can't help you with your decorating problems?!

Lots of built-in progress to report tomorrow!