The Case of the Leaky Water Dispenser - SOLVED!

This is a random DIY post for a Tuesday. Everything is in flux here. Bookshelves are moving forward, and the living room looks like a furniture store. Yikes. So I'm posting about something completely different.  Our fridge.  I love our fridge.  The French doors are great and I love the bottom freezer.  Not sure I could go back to a top freezer.  It fits perfectly in the corner next to our stairs.  It's a Samsung similar to this
The downside?  The internal water filter drips.  First, you are probably asking "Why don't you have a water and ice dispenser on the door?"  First, I like the clean look of the plain door.  Second, it's cheaper and it felt like we were bleeding money while renovating our house last year.  Third, I could imagine our kids holding the button down and letting the water and ice flood the kitchen.

Anyway, the internal water dispenser was our choice.  We loved it until it started dripping for about a minute after we would fill a glass. Annoying.  Of course, I changed the filter and then had a service call from Samsung (it was still under warranty).  The service guy fixed it for about a month but then it started up again - after the warranty expired.

After thinking about it for the past 6 months (and leaving a small paper towel in there to catch the drips), I started to think about the filter.  It was an after-market version.  So, I bought some filters name brand filters.  Bingo.  Fixed. 

I think it has something to do with the seal the filter makes.  The name brand filter was much harder to push and turn into place which leads me to believe the other filters were too loose and let the air in.  I guess this is one place where being thrifty did not pay!  Wish I had figured that out a year ago!!