Built-in Bookcases (Update 3)

Happy Monday!  Well, hubby really outdid himself this weekend with work on our new built-in bookshelves in the basement.  He spent every spare minute working on them and they are looking really good.  (See the first two updates here and here)  Here's where we were last week. 

That's our cardboard "TV" which we are using to find the perfect location on the wall for the TV.  The bookshelves will go around it. 

Here are some progress pictures over the course of latter part of last week and this weekend. 

We are adding two small pull out "desk drawers" for extra play space or even a laptop.  This is a first for us but Jim said it was fairly simple to build.  I can post some close-ups of the underside if anyone is interested in the construction. 
We are also adding bead board behind the built-ins for a little extra interest.  It's fairly inexpensive but adds some additional architectural interest.  Everything will be painted ultimately.  Instead of attaching the bead board to the back of each set of bookcases, Jim attached the bead board directly to the wall.

Jim installed 2x6 blocking between the studs where the TV mount will go.  We have finally learned our lesson on this - so much easier than searching for a stud.  Not pretty but it works. 
 The bead board was then installed over the top. 
The area looks really great and I can't wait to see it trimmed out and painted. We have a busy week and weekend ahead but hopefully I'll have another update later this week. 

Did you make progress on any major projects this weekend?