Family Room: Winterizing the Sofa

I have never done seasonal change-outs of my pillows, hanging pictures, or other large decorating accessories.  I had a friend in high school whose mother used to change the pictures on the walls for Christmas.  I cannot handle that kind of Christmas decorating.  I think seasonal decorating should just enhance what you have, but not necessarily replace it.

But... (you knew there was a "but"), I had been thinking that my cute striped pillows on my family room couch from my favorite consignment shop, REFind.  These were a great find last spring when I was struggling with finding big pillows with soft fabric, which could stand up to the torture of 2 kids, a husband, and a dog.

They are definitely not seasonal but they did seem somehow a little light for fall and winter.

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, I attended my local mom's club craft show and stumbled on a new mom run company called A Needle Pulling Thread which does embroidery work for extraordinarily reasonable prices.  As I checked out their selection (not intending to buy anything of course), I just could not take my eyes and hands off these gorgeous chocolate brown velvet pillows with a monogram.  I walked away from the table at least 2 times but then could not help myself as my friend Elizabeth put in her order at the same store (for adorable kids' t-shirts, not pillows).  And the price - $30 including monogram!

Yes please!

So, I ordered myself 2 pillows (Merry Christmas, self).  2 weeks later, I got an email that they were ready for pick-up (one of the owners lives really close to me).  Of course, during the 10 minute pick-up I talk to Mari (one of the owners) about 50 different things (if you don't know me, you don't know about my remarkable gift to gab) and we realize we grew up about 20 miles from each other in upstate New York.  Small world.

Bring them home, pop them on my family room couch and SHAZAM! My couch is winterized.

And the close-up.

I love the font.  Cannot remember the name but it's so perfect for a monogram.

I considered replacing the striped pillows with these for the winter but when I tossed them onto the couch just to see how they looked, I saw how they brought out the brown stripes in the other pillows and how they are just a wee bit smaller so they sizes worked well.  It somehow works really well and the striped pillows seem more fall/winter now than they did before on their own.  Of course, I am sure hubby is not so happy about yet another couch obstruction but he can just deal.


If you are interested in ordering from A Needle Pulling Thread, please send me an email and I will give you their information.  They are still building their website.

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