Master Bedroom Curtain Reveal!

After my previous attempt to find curtains for our bedroom (read about that here), I finally came up with a solution.  I loved the curtains I found at JC Penney but the color was too much.

So, I decided to return those and buy a new set which were a closer color to the bedroom walls - a pale creamy yellow.

Now, I really like these.  They look just like silk drapes you find at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware but at a tiny fraction of the price.  That kind of deal just makes me love them more.   

Here's how the back windows looked before -

I (really Jim) rehung the drapes so they hang above the transom windows instead of between the transom windows and the double hung windows.  I think it's a great improvement.

Yes, that's our crazy dog Angus. 

You may also have noticed I ditched the heavy looking metal tie-backs.  They just were not working for me and I felt like they were distracting because they were so dark and large.  I'm not entirely sure I'll keep the cellular shades I have underneath.  They are not the prettiest thing in the world but they are incredibly functional - privacy but with great light filtration.

What do you think?  What kind of window treatment issues are you dealing with in your house?

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