When you get lemons...A Junk Drawer Overhaul!

A bit of a mishap in our house last week.  Jim was adjusting the pot-filler over our stove after the back splash was installed, and may have pulled the pot-filler a little further off than he should have.  WATER!  Water, water, everywhere!  Gushing out of the pipe on the wall above the stove.  Woops!  Unfortunately, I ran downstairs, instead of Jim, but I didn't realize the water shut-off was in a different place from where it was before our addition.

So, we had a lot of water on the floor, in the cabinets, in the drawers, in the stove... everywhere!  Fortunately we were able to clean it up really quickly so there was no damage.  The stove dried out and it works fine too.

But, some of the drawers got wet including our incredibly messy drunk drawer.  I put everything on the counter and ended up with this.


I had been thinking about organizing this drawer for a while - particularly since we keep some spare keys in here that we never know what they go to.  I headed for the Container Store (one of my favorite places) to find some drawer organizers.  Since it's the junk drawer, I didn't want to break the bank.  Fortunately I knew they carried the inexpensive wire drawer organizers that I used in my silverware drawer and in the dresser in our family room.

After I cleaned out the junk and the impossible to salvage stuff.

Now I have this -

[Sigh of relief] 

Yes, I know where the water shut-off is now.   

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