Dining Room Budget Decor

Like I said last week, I come from a long line of shoppers.  My mom scored some gorgeous decorative plates at her local Salvation Army store.  She paid $3.99 each but the original boutique store price tag on the back of each says $36!  Go Mom!  Fortunately for me, my mom couldn't find a good place for them in her house, so she brought them for me.

I used them to give my buffet area a little more interest.

Here it is before - 

And here it is now -

I think it adds just enough interest around the mirror and it was just lucky that the plates were black and gold like the mirror.  Like it was meant to be!

I'm still working on one other corner of the dining room but I think it's really getting there now.  I have some ideas for bigger plans for in there but I am still thinking them through.