Thanksgiving Mantel Decor

Here's a quick post about my Thanksgiving mantel decor.  Better late than never!  I've actually had it up for a while but blogging has been a bit delayed due to our little vacation in Mexico.  But, now I am back and gearing up for a long holiday weekend with loads of family in town.  In fact, hubby's whole family is coming in from New England and we are beyond excited to fill our house to its limits with family for the holiday.

Here is my current family room Thanksgiving mantel which I think is fine but definitely not my best work yet.  I feel like it's too cluttered and not cohesive in color.  I love the individual pieces though - all of which I have had for years. 

 This is my favorite Thanksgiving decoration.  It's actually a candle holder but I rarely burn anything inside. 
 These little pilgrims have a certain kitsch quality but they still work. 
This little was a HomeGoods $3.99 find.  I thought he was cute but this probably won't be his final home in my future Thanksgiving decor.
Are you doing any last minute decorating before family and friends arrive for the weekend?  Are you hosting or traveling? 

Have a great weekend!