Tablecloth Trauma!

Just 24 hours before our weekend guests arrive, I realized that we have a serious tablecloth situation.  When I purged a large portion of my tablecloth collection in preparation for the yard sale last spring, I dumped several large tablecloths which had seen better days.  Now it seems I was left with only 1 120" tablecloth and it was a polyester one that I just don't love but definitely is good enough for everyday purposes.  Not good enough for a huge family Thanksgiving dinner however. 

Fortunately I did have this awesome table runner which I love.  I have had it on my plain table for the last month and it's great.  Of course it's from HomeGoods and it has great embroidered details.  Will work fine for our pre-Thanksgiving Italian dinner tonight.

So, I stopped off at TJ Maxx on my way home from work today. 

Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  [that's me singing]

Of course, a quick run through the table linens aisle yielded nada and I almost headed out to try something else until I stumbled on this big beauty (70" x 126"!) on the clearance rack.  And...$10!  It needed a good ironing but it will do the trick.  I'll post a picture of the final table this weekend so be sure to check back!