"Mom, NOW what are you doing?!"

What did you do while your kids were eating breakfast this morning?  Seemingly I lost my mind because I decided to reorganize my dish cabinet and add a little punch on the back wall!  What?!!!  Yup, seriously.  Elizabeth said "Mom, NOW what are you doing?!"  But then she jumped in to help.  She's a keeper.

Here's where we started - lots of white!

The main reason for reorganizing was that I wanted the coffee cups to be close the actual coffee pot.  I love the idea of a coffee cabinet (check one out on Nesting Place), so I took it as far as I could except that I keep my actual coffee in the fridge and I use a permanent filter so need for a place to store filters.  I have a sugar bowl in here and the spoons are right underneath.  Now, weekend guests can grab their mug after seeing the  full pot of steaming hot coffee and grab a mug right away. I also needed some more room in  my glassware cabinet for a couple of recent bargain purchases (more on that later).

I also had an idea for adding a pop of color to this cabinet since right now it is pretty much all white but it's a focal point in the kitchen.  I picked up a roll of green and gold paisley wrapping paper at the Container Store about a month ago.  I trimmed about an inch off the side of the roll of paper (with Elizabeth's help), and slid it up behind the shelves.  I didn't even have to take most of the dishes out!  I then taped it at the top and bottom using double-sided clear tape.  Done!

The only disappointment is that from far away through the glass, it looks like the back of the cabinet is just green because the pattern is fairly muted.  But, up close and when you open the cabinet, it definitely has a big impact and my white dishes don't just fade into the back wall.  It was so easy, if I find a paper I like better (maybe with a bolder pattern), I'll just change it out - maybe during breakfast.  Including reorganizing the cabinet and wiping out some dust, the whole project took about 35 minutes.  Just in time to leave for school!

I am already thinking of other pieces of furniture to try this technique on.