Drapery Challenges - Master Bedroom

The existing curtains in our master bedroom are fine.  But, that's all they are... fine.  Fortunately they were about $12 each from Walmart so not a major investment.  If you want to buy them, I'll make you a deal.  You get what you pay for - they were too short (probably 82") and they are not lined.  Such a big issue for me because they do not look full or rich. 

 Also on the back wall, I really want the curtains to hang above the transom window to emphasize the cathedral ceilings in the room. 

So, my first try at a new option was this -
Nice quality and the color is nice, but not the right color.  They are from JC Penney where I have bought a lot of the window treatments in my house.  Too much contrast and it is taking the sea blue accent color into being a primary color in the room which is not the look I am going for.  I really want a neutral and serene room - a total break from the craziness of life.  The color is neutral but the contrast with the wall is too much. I think I am looking for a simple cream curtain, so I am going to try these same curtains in cream.  I may eventually add some trim or something but for now, this might just work.  Stay tuned!