Mini-Bar in a Minute

I am STILL working on updating my dining room decor.  I am doing it in bits and pieces when I find inspiration or inspiring pieces.  (For about this ongoing project, see the posts here, here, here, and here.)  We have a great little cabinet that we use for liquor but which probably start its life as a radio cabinet or something like that.  It's a beautiful piece, but most people never know it's the liquor cabinet.  Maybe that's not a bad a thing!

But, as part of the dining room updating process, I decided to create a little mini-bar there for a couple of bottles of whiskey and bourbon for when someone (hubby) wants a quick evening drink.  My goal was to spend little to no money on this project so I first shopped my house for the tray (slightly tarnished which I kind of like) and the liquor bottles, but I did not have appropriate short glasses.  My kitchen glasses are a little casual for the look I was going for - slightly elegant.  So, I hit up Goodwill and found five matching cut glass double old fashioneds for total of less than $3.00 for the set.  I almost passed them up because there were only 5, but then I realized one would inevitably get broken by a flying truck, baby doll, or ball so I would just consider one of them to be a back-up!  Once the glasses took a long overdue and much needed trip through the dishwasher, they were ready to roll.

Here's the result -

I think it really works with the space, and was well worth the $3 investment!  And that vase with the lid was a great HomeGoods find for $12.99 and the fall pumpkin vase filler was $4.99 at Ross Dress for Less.

My goal is to get the dining room finished up by Thanksgiving since we're going to have a crowd of family in town for the weekend - I want it to be warm and festive.  We are so excited!