Amped Up Fall Decor: The Mantel Revisited

Yup, back at the mantel in the family room again.  I am also working on the living room mantel as well, but the family room is where we are spending most of our time right now.  Since it's now October, I feel okay about it being fall and I am no longer morning the loss of summer every morning (only every other). 

Here it is a few days ago (read that post here) -

And here it is now with some added pumpkinification!

The beauty of this is that I had everything on hand so not a single penny was spent.  Several of the same items as in the previous version but some added pumpkins and a plant given to us by our neighbors in memory of my grandmother.  I love its rust colored metal pot.   What a beautiful memory.

The orange glass pumpkins were a gift from my mom many years ago.  I still love them.  They are so simple and pretty.  The acorn is actually a candle in a metal box.  I rarely burn real candles but I love its shape.  The little bird just keeps coming back for more!

I love this decor because it will last me through Thanksgiving but I am thinking some additional Halloween fun will invade our house in the next couple of weeks so more fun to follow.