Halloween Spooktacular!

I am fairly certain that a few of my young neighbors are avoiding our house right now because it looks extra creepy for Halloween!  My 4 1/2 year old daughter is obsessed with Halloween (as am I) so I really wanted to take it over the top this year.  I absolutely love it!  Here are some day pictures:

 And some spooky night shots (sorry about some of the blurriness - I need a tripod!) -

I was totally inspired by Mrs. Limestone's over the top Halloween decor last year.  I followed her advice on the skeletons from Oriental Trading Company.  I used heavy duty fishing line (60 lb capacity) which I picked up at my local hardware store.  The chain hanging from the second story window was purchased last year for our pirate ship wagon (ok, so maybe this isn't the first year I went over the top).  I also bought a large bag of "cobwebs" from the Halloween store for about $8.  This stuff is incredibly cool and realistic - especially at night.  My daughter loved playing with it and decorating the fence in the backyard.

Our pumpkins are carved but they are safely hiding on the screen porch from the squirrels who are particularly hungry this year judging by the other pumpkins in the neighborhood.  

Now we just have to wait for trick-or-treaters!