Halloween Mantel Decor

After several iterations of my fall-themed family room mantel (read about those here and here), I decided to go out at it one last time with a Halloween theme.  The goal was to keep it light and fun - and a little gaudy.

Fortunately, I didn't need to buy anything for this make-over.  I had all of these decorations from other years although I had not used the lanterns in several years.  We actually have an extra plug behind the TV if I ever get inspired to plug them in - maybe this weekend!  The trick-or-treat sign was purchased at HomeGoods after Halloween last year.  My daughter picked out the small metal witch (hard to see on the left side in front of the plant) at Michael's last year.  All of the other items I have had for several years.  Not exactly no cost but at least no cost this year!

Only 2 more days until Halloween!  We'll be enjoying our neighborhood Halloween party tomorrow and then trick-or-treating with our neighbors on Sunday!  Hope you have a great one!