Floor Lamp Revamp

For about a year, I have been on the look-out for a white floor lamp for my four year old daughter Elizabeth's room.  She has the perfect chair from PB Teen which was just screaming for a floor lamp behind it.  I found a million bronze, black, silver, brown lamps but very few white lamps.  When I found a white lamp, it was just not right - too small, no swing arm, or cost over $100.  No thanks. After reading a lot about spray painting stuff on other blogs, I decided to give it a go. 

I stumbled on a great floor lamp at Goodwill.  It is pretty heavy (thus more stable for a 4 year old and her one year old brother), has a swing arm, and had a nice style.  The metal finish was sort of bronze-ish which was not bad in any way but not what I was looking for.

and, yup... $10

I figured it was worth the risk.  I started by spray-painting it with Kilz primer which seemed to work just fine.  I then spray-painted it with Krylon satin white ($3 at Walmart).  Unfortunately the paint bubbled up in a spots which reminded me that I should have washed, sanded, and scrubbed the lamp with paint thinner before I started.  Woops!  Well, better luck next time.  Fortunately the bubbling up didn't really bother me and I decided to consider it "antiqued". 
But, I really like the result. 

I did end up investing in a $10 lamp shade from Walmart.  I loved the shape and thought it would give the lamp a fresh look.  I considered spray painting the old shade but in the end decided it might end up being a fire hazard and scrapped the idea. I think it looks way more expensive than $20 though!  I may dress it up a little bit at some point. 

Here's the before and after again:
What do you think?